Thursday, June 7, 2012

No Crumpet Left Behind: A Seamstress Abroad

Hello, loves! Something's different, as I'm sure you've noticed. There's a new lilt to my voice and - good heavens! - is that the smell of freshly baked scones? Sadly, it's not. It's just the freshly toasted, from-a-bag-but-still-fabulous Waitrose crumpet I just ate. Still, a crumpet can only mean one thing. (Because, trust me, I've tried to get them in the States and it does not go well.)

I am in Great Britain.

Britain! The land of afternoon tea and men who wear sweaters! The land of cabs with enough room for five people and Benedict Cumberbatch! The land of Doctor Who and Matthew Crawley! The land of - prepare to swoon! - Liberty of London!

For the next two weeks, I will be splitting time between London and Edinburgh. I will also, if all goes as planned, be updating y'all with pictures of pretty new dresses, which I will be wearing in front of various exciting places. (I'd like to say that will be Big Ben and assorted palaces, but this is my umpteenth time in the UK and I have yet to do most Official Must-Visit things. The pictures will probably include scones, however!) After a few months of complications (some of which were wonderful for me, career-wise, while others included being wretchedly ill for the entire month of April), my trusty machine and I were back in business during May. There are no fewer than five versions of Simplicity 1873 now in my wardrobe, kittens. I also now own a dress with bees on it! Bees!

Anyway. Hello, darlings. It's good to see you. I can't wait to show you new things and catch up on everyone's projects that I missed these last weeks. Would you like a crumpet?