Monday, May 23, 2011

Pin A Cloud On Me!

Kittens, I've gone a little crazy lately.

Don't worry. It's the good kind of crazy. Unless you're my pocketbook, that is. I've been making some tentative plans for my summer sewing, which means I've been buying all sorts of fun sewing accoutrements: fabric, patterns, vintage patterns (!), button-making kits, and pin-cushions.

Once I start matching fabric and patterns, I'll share those, but today is all about sawdust and pins. Y'all, my new pin-cushions are so adorable I'm having a hard time sticking things in them. They'll get holes! How could I be so mean to them?

First up is this lovely little wrist pin-cushion from A Fashionable Stitch. I'm horrible a putting pins back into cushions while I'm actually using my machine. Normally, I just chunk them in this little metal sewing box, where I keep my not-in-use pins. This is fabulous, unless you accidentally drop one on the floor...which happens way too often. So, this wrist cushion is a dream come true! I used it last night for the first time and loved it. Not only is it a delightfully girly color combination, but it's so convenient. I may never sew without it again!

My other cushion purchase is totally, ridiculously frivolous. I've lusted after the whimsical cushions from LifePieces for eons, but I've managed to resist the temptation. However, once this little flying pig popped up in their store, I was a goner. Just look at those cloud pins! It even came with it's own coordinating, handmade flying pig drawstring bag. Let's be honest, friends, this one actually may be too cute to stab repeatedly with sharp bits of metal. But it will make me smile, sitting on my sewing table, at least!

Have you made any fun sewing purchases lately? Any patterns or cushions or truly lovely fabric finds? Not going to lie, I also have my eye on one of Sunni's pressing tool sets. After all, my cushions need coordinating friends, don't you think?


  1. Oh my goodness, I almost squealed, no pun intended, when I saw that second pin cushion. So cute! :]

  2. I MUST have a pig pincushion! So devastated there aren't any left in the shop!! My birthday is coming up, so I'm definitely keeping a lookout for cute pincushions for my wishlist! lol

  3. I love your pincushions! I need a pig one too...hope you are having a great week.

  4. I just received a package of three of the most charming little baby sewing patterns you've ever seen - all the way from France! I've been waiting an entire month for these and am utterly distracted with thoughts of French fall sewing. That pig seriously adorable.

  5. Those pincushions are so cute... however, as I am so clumsy, I am a big fan of my huge magnet on which I can just throw all needles and pins.

  6. I love your has made me love sewing again..

  7. SEWING MOJO! SEWING MOJO! SEWING MOJO! I hope that helps you to come your blog!