Sunday, August 28, 2011

Circle Skirt Sew-Along

Did any of you see Casey's Circle Skirt Sew-Along (CSSA) over at Elegant Musings? I hemmed and hawed about it but finally decided to join! I'll be posting comments on Casey's blog as "Stephanie J." If you're also doing it, please post a comment so I can keep an eye out for you and give you a virtual wave.

So far we're on step two of the CSSA with step one being the inspiration/details. Tonight's task was to take measurements and when that consists of only the waist measurement and the skirt length it makes me very happy. Mary can attest to my stress about getting measurements correct. I have fears of buying a fantastic fabric, starting a pattern, and ending up with one whopper of a disaster when I find out I didn't buy enough fabric. I'm sure there are ways around this but I'm a newbie and have great hopes of getting everything right the first time around. [cue laughter]

I'll be going with a classic knee length on this one. The fabric decision is eluding me at this point but there's a vision swirling in my mind. Imagine an olive green skirt paired with cognac boots, a crisp white blouse, and a saucy cloche hat. I have a love of menswear interpreted for women and while this is a decidedly more feminine take with the skirt, I think it will look divine. The pattern of the fabric will be key on this so I better get on with my research.

Have you ever sewn a circle skirt? Will I get to see any of you over on the comments of the CSSA?


  1. I'm joining the sewalong, although I'm not sure yet if I'll keep the schedule. I still need a nice wooly fabric! :) Do you have a fabric picked out yet?

  2. I'm in the same boat at you! I'm a bit worried about the timeline so we'll see how that goes. Let me know your progress - we might be right on track with one another.

    A wooly fabric is exactly what I want...though I haven't found anything yet. I'd like a herringbone, houndstooth, or a subtle plaid but I confess I'm new to the online shopping and don't have a ton of fabric stores near me. Do you plan to buy online?