Saturday, December 28, 2013

And Now A Quick Holiday Greeting

Good afternoon, kittens! I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season so far. Or, as they say where I currently am, a wonderful "festive season." So far this week, Sam and I have: gotten married, celebrated Christmas, flown halfway across the world, and eaten an obscene amount of cake in the process. We've finally settled in to our hotel in Dublin, where we'll be for a week, before exploring some other parts of Ireland. I won't be posting any new makes until we get back on the 7th, but I did want to share this quick, lovely image from our ceremony last week and wish everyone a very happy end of 2013! I don't have any good images yet of the whole dress, but I thought this one of my parents walking me down the aisle was too sweet not to share.

Happy Christmas/Holidays/New Year, friends! I love you all immensely and will see you in 2014.

We're now off to grab a pint somewhere. Cheers!

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