Thursday, January 8, 2015

1000 Shirtdresses: Update!

Good afternoon, y'all!

I'll probably be back tonight or tomorrow morning, with an outfit post (more Frankenbonnies!), but I wanted to let y'all know as soon as possible about a change with our shirtdress challenge. After talking to quite a few people who were under crunch time with their first (or second or third!) shirtdresses, I've decided to bump the end date back just a bit. Instead of ending on January 10th, the challenge will now end two weeks from today, on January 22nd.

Hopefully, this gives anyone who wants to jump in on the challenge a bit of extra time to fit, sew, and perfect those buttonholes!

Honestly, it also gives me more time to photograph my last two shirtdresses. A plaid and a floral, they're both on the springier side. Unfortunately, winter is hitting us hard in the States right now, and I'd turn blue trying to accessorize and photograph them appropriately for the blog. We're supposed to be up in the fifties again next week, which sounds much more humane!

So: January 22nd. All the Shirtdresses.

Happy sewing!

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