Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On Turning Lemons into Liberty

Is there anything so tragic as having the perfect fabric, but not quite enough of it? If there were a scant 1/4 yard more of this mustard yellow twill, I would be able to finagle another 2215 out of it.

It was going to be great, friends. Yellow with dark blue buttons down the front. Sigh. You have never seen a more dejected sewist than me, when trying out cutting layouts last night. Except for, perhaps, me an hour later, while trying to track down comparable fabric somewhere online. Where are all the mustard twills and poplins? It's fall! All traditional fall colors should be everywhere, but alas...

Cut to this afternoon, when I unearthed my small, but beloved stash of Liberty lawns to pull a fabric for my upcoming tutorial (my first!) on the pussy bow Sorbetto. For unlike that lovely Lisette twill, I had more of one cut than expected. What was supposed to be a yard-and-a-half ended up being well over two yards, in fact. Just enough for a 2215! I am trying to get away from prints a bit, but this is Liberty, after all. Plus, its main colors are: chocolate, emerald, ruby, and citrine. Why, hello, perfect print for my fall palette!

What do you think, friends? Dark yellow or red buttons?


  1. I can't wait to see how this turns out! I agree, where are all the fall colors? :]

  2. I've had the same trouble finding mustard yellow anything. I did find some mustard poplin on the Mood Fabrics website: http://tinyurl.com/3mlg2ng I may order a swatch but the fabric may be a tad too dressy for everyday wear.

  3. I know! Such a hard colour to find :)

  4. Definitely yellow buttons!