Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend Pretty: 9.30.2011

The Christian Dior Spring 2012 collection previewed at Paris Fashion Week earlier today. It was - in a word - divine. You know how we dress a certain way and look a certain way in real life, but in your dreams, you see yourself as something different? In my mind, I look like I've stepped off the Dior runway from this season. Everything is just so pretty.

[Image Sources & Full Collection: Fashion Gone Rogue]


  1. I agree! If there is ever a movie made of my life I want to look like that! Did you notice how every one of those looks featured wide hips? Gosh, is it now stylish to be hippy? I'm on board with that! :)

  2. You know what? Based on what I see of your style, I could totally see any and all of these looks on you. So you might think that you only look like this in your head, but we, the readers of your blog, actually see this when you post pics of your stylish self-made clothing.

  3. yes, they are lovely! Things that real people would actually wear. Thanks for sharing