Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lena Hoschek - Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook

With Fall 2012 fashion season in full swing, there have been no shortage of lovely clothes making their rounds on the internet. However, it's not a new autumnal collection that's making me swoon, but a spring one.

Lena Hoschek released the lookbook for her spring/summer 2012 collection and the images are stunning. From the runway show, we knew the clothes were beautiful (Really, how could a Hoschek collection not be?), but seeing them in an idyllic Mediterranean setting is amazing. It has me dreaming of sailboats and Vespas, the perfect accessories for the summery, Sophia Loren feel of this collection.

Photos sourced from Lena Hoschek, where more of the lookbook can be seen!


  1. These are so lovely! I really like the red, white, and blue polo dress...the pleating with those stripes!

  2. OH swoon. Those outfits are divine and I want ALL of them! The photography is beautiful too :)
    In other news... I've nominated you for a Leibster Blog Award - as I just ADORE your blog :)

  3. Oh. My. God! These are beyond lovely! Like orgasmically lovely.

  4. Love Love LOVE the highwaisted red shorts and the button up red and black dress, especially the dress. So flattering!