Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy Sewing Indie Month! Let's get casual.

Good afternoon, dear ones! Today, the very last day of my twenties, I have a fun announcement to make. September is not only National Sewing Month here in the States, but Sewing Indie Month around blogland. This year, I'm taking over the Everyday Casual sewalong from my dear friend and last year's host, Jenny of Cashmerette.

This means that all month long, I'll be sharing inspiration and garments that fit into a chic, casual wardrobe. As I've just purged half my closet, much of it ready-to-wear basics, this sewalong couldn't come at a better time for me. My goal for this month is to build a mini-wardrobe, incorporating special pieces that are perfect for everyday, but still make me feel stylish and pulled together.


On Friday, I'll share my planning post for the sewalong, but we have some other fun things to talk about today. Some of the most exciting parts of Sewing Indie Month are the sewalong contests. This year, there are three themes you can enter:

  • Dressed to the Nines, hosted by Laura of Lilacs and Lace. This sewalong will focus on those dressy, beautiful garments reserved for the special events in your life. Think party dresses and power suits!
  • Pattern Hacking, hosted by Rhonda of Rhonda's Creative Life. For this sewalong, the focus is all on innovation. Take a great pattern and make it completely your own! 
  • Everyday Casual, hosted right here! This sewalong is for those pieces that can take you from brunch with friends to a day at the park. Comfortable, chic, and easy to blend into your busy life. 
Even better, each sewalong has amazing prizes involved! To be considered for one of the great contest packages, make up a garment from any of the participating designers, then enter it into the sewalong(s) of your choice, by October 4th. If you participate in the Everyday Casual sewalong, you could go home with these fabulous prizes, donated by Sewing Indie sponsors:

Be sure to check out the Sewing Indie website, for more information on rules and the other sewalongs! There's also a second bundle of patterns up for sale, with proceeds going to Women for Women, a charity which helps women facing violence, marginalization, and poverty as a result of war and conflict. There are some great patterns in this bundle, whether you're sewing for a chilly Northern Hemisphere autumn, or gearing up for the sun in the Southern Hemisphere. 

In the meantime, Idle Fancy will be about all things everyday and casual, this month. Well, after I share my birthday dress tomorrow, of course! Spoiler alert: it's another Myrtle. 

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