Sunday, September 27, 2015

Miss Myrtle Indulges Her Whims

Black and White Polka Dots - Colette Myrtle - Idle Fancy-53

Good morning, friends!

Strictly speaking, it's almost afternoon here, but I'm still insistently wearing pajamas and drinking coffee. This weekend was one for that sort of dogged relaxing. Sam scored free tickets to the Baylor game, which I graciously insisted he attend with friends. The pomp and circumstance of college football is a blast and Baylor has a swanky new stadium, but it's still too damn hot. Give me air-conditioning and ESPN, until November!

Left with an unexpected open day, I opted for total decadence. After a quick trip to the store for necessities (clotted cream), I spent the day baking scones, finishing Miss Fisher's final season (That last scene! Swoon.), and re-reading Evernight by Kristen Callihan. It was gloriously lazy, y'all. I feel completely energized and ready to tackle Sunday! Unfortunately, that means tackling the novella copyedits my editor sent over, last week. The horror.

Thus, the coffee. And the procrastination blogging.

Black and White Polka Dots - Colette Myrtle - Idle Fancy-45

Before putting nose to proverbial grindstone, let's go with one more bout of self-indulgence. This post is all about yet another Myrtle dress. This is my favorite one yet! 

Are you picking up on a trend? Yes, each new Myrtle is my favorite one yet. What this really means is that I can't get enough of this pattern. It's funny, really. None of Colette's woven patterns have worked nearly so well for me--I've made a few, with average success, but don't wear them often. Most of them were culled in my recent wardrobe pruning. Each of Colette's knit patterns, though, are on permanent rotation in my wardrobe. I just finished the Aberdeen from Seamwork, which looks to become another tried-and-true. Alyson Clair's knit drafting (in play on the Moneta, Myrtle, and Mabel, for sure) works splendidly for my figure, with minimal adjustments. 

Which is all to say: Another Myrtle! I love it! 

This Myrtle was specifically made, as part of my Sewing Indie Month mini-wardrobe. While Colette isn't an official designer/sponsor, this dress is meant to go underneath my still in-progress Luffa blazer from Waffle patterns. The fabric, a white-on-black polka dotted rayon jersey, is from Style Maker fabrics and was partially purchased with a gift certificate, received as thanks for participating in SIM. Honestly, I'd never heard of Style Maker, until this purchase. I was completely blown away by their stock of fabrics, though, especially knits. This rayon jersey is a really interesting fabric, with the weight and hand of a high quality cotton jersey. It has pretty good stretch, great recovery, and washed up beautifully. After sewing with this cut, I'm planning to snag its rose-print twin, as well. 

Black and White Polka Dots - Colette Myrtle - Idle Fancy- side and back
Back view! I didn't quite get the center back seam spacing right, as you can see, but the black doesn't bother my eye.
I won't bore you with construction details, since they're identical to my last few iterations of this pattern. It was mostly sewn on a serger, with details sewn on my sewing machine. The hem was fused with lightweight stabilizer, then twin-stitched in place, to minimize waving. It's a knit dress, kittens. You know how I roll on these.

This Myrtle is a particularly easy piece to throw on. The draped neckline and nipped-in waist keep it from becoming twee, despite the polka dots. While I was once all for the cutesy, as you know, my wardrobe has evolved over the last year. Now, every piece I sew feels both more grown up and more intentional, in relation to my personal style. That's a win, if I want to keep the wardrobe culls to a minimum. 

Black and White Polka Dots - Colette Myrtle - Idle Fancy-6

Now, I do have one final question. While I'd like to pretend it's all simple Myrtles and Monetas around here, there are grand sewing plans on the horizon. I just ordered some of the above red rayon velvet, from Mood, which is going to become some sort of 20's-inspired topper. I am envisioning something loose, to take advantage of the fabric's drape, but still structured enough to compliment my curves. All the better, if the garment can show off a little embroidery. I've been searching through patterns, but am stumped on what to choose. What would you make with this fabric, friends? Input is very much welcome! 

Note: The polka dot jersey was partially purchased with a gift certificate to Style Maker fabrics, as part of my participation in Sewing Indie Month. All opinions herein are my own, though. 

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