Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend Pretty: 4.24.11

Happy Easter, chickadees! Did you have a day filled with brightly colored eggs, chocolate rabbits, and - most important - floral dresses? I certainly hope so. In the spirit of the season, I've collected some of my favorite flowery dresses from around the web.


[Trashy Diva]

[Kate Spade]

[Laura Ashley]

Hope you had a lovely peep-filled weekend, friends!


  1. Oh boy, yet another Kate Spade to obsess over!

  2. Gorgeous dresses! I love the Laura Ashley one.

  3. Lots of eggs and chocolate bunnies, and I wore my red polka-dot Crepe. That green dress is awesome!

  4. Oh my goodness that Kate Spade dress is fabulous! She definitely designs my dream wardrobe. :]

  5. Alana, I know, right? I wish she'd just have one bum season, so I could stop lusting after her clothes. ;)

    Alexandra, aren't they? I love the LA one, as well. It's one of their vintage fabric designs, which makes it even better, don't you think?

    Alessa, that sounds like a fabulous Easter! And your polka-dot Crepe is just divine - the perfect Easter dress, indeed.

    Rebecca, she designs mine too! I swear, if I won the lottery, the first thing on my agenda would be to raid a Kate Spade store. :D