Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekend Pretty: Royal Wedding Dress

Readers, I watched it.

Armed with a pot of tea and Fortnum & Mason stem ginger biscuits, I ogled and snarked my way through the wedding of Prince William and his Kate. It was lovely. There was pomp, circumstance, and - best of all - one historic dress.

Kittens, I adore this gown. Everything about it is divine: the pleated skirts, the deep-v of the overlay, the sweetheart bodice, the lace. We all know how I feel about lace. This design is flawless, resulting in a timeless silhouette fit for a princess (or royal duchess, if we must be technical). Sarah Burton truly outdid herself with this piece.

Fashion insiders predict this dress will set wedding trends for years to come. Selfishly, I hope they're correct. Not only do I abhor the generic strapless A-line dresses of modern weddings, but I've always wanted a gown similar to this one. Make it a tea-length with elbow sleeves and you've designed my dream dress!

So, did you watch the wedding? Did you swoon a bit when Prince William told Kate she looked beautiful? And - most important - how do you feel about the dress?


  1. I didn't watch the wedding. I was sleeping and then working, but my roommate did, so I got to hear a bit of it while I was getting ready!

    My favorite part of it, though, is that in all the pictures showing up on my favorite sewing blogs, her prince is cut out. All you ever see is a bit of his shoulder. It's a sure indicator of a gown's overwhelming beauty when one of the chief accessories is completely marginalized. ;)


  2. I couldn't agree more about this dress setting a trend for wedding dresses. I am so sick of strapless wedding gowns. I think they are so inappropriate and lack style. I love sleeves and collars and necklines on wedding dresses. It was a stunning gown. Makes me want to get married again!

  3. I watched all six hours of it - with a few pauses to tend to sick children and a sick self - and I loved the dress. As you said, it's divine. Kate was every inch a real princess - elegant, sophisticated, timeless. The dress had a definate Grace Kelly appeal but her hair reminded me of Sissi, the Empress Elizabeth of Austria. I'm sure it will set the trend for years to come.

  4. I didn't watch all of it, mostly just video clips but I did really like her dress. But... to be honest I kind of liked her sister's dress more!! ;)

  5. I realize I am a week late, but I still cannot get over how beautiful the dress was. I got up early to watch the whole thing and it was just magical! William was completely swoonworthy :)