Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend Pretty: 4.2.11

So, I have this dream, kittens. It goes like this: One day, I win the lottery. (Yes, I know, it's a very realistic dream.) With my winnings, I spend a year taking intensive couture sewing and design classes. When I'm an absolute expert at fancy dress construction, I then open up my own line of reasonably-priced, vintage-inspired wedding dresses. It's my ultimate fantasy career.

Kate Spade has just ruined it for me. She has opened up a bridal line and, naturally, the designs are adorable. Classic, retro-inspired, and perfect. Anyone have a suggestion for my new fantasy career? Also, anyone have a line on an attractive Irish pro-golfer who wants a ridiculous blonde writer fiancée? Because, yeah, I need one of these dresses.


  1. Those are all such gorgeous dresses! I love your fantasy job! I dream of being an event planner and throwing fabulous parties when in real life I am going to be a CPA. :]

  2. those dresses are so cute, she always has the most fun styling and photography.

  3. Rebecca, event planning is an awesome dream career. You know, being a CPA will give you a good business background should you ever, say, win lottery and open up your own business! ;-)

  4. Jen, thanks for stopping by the blog! Isn't her styling wonderful? These photos especially make me want to buy some pink tights and stand around holding balloons - so whimsically pretty.