Monday, January 31, 2011

A Welcome Addition

Dear faithful readers (of which there are, so far, none),

I find that the success (read: the mere existence) of this blog has become too much for one person to handle alone. Why, with the whole 15 minutes it takes me to post, I become fairly faint with exhaustion (though, perhaps, that's because of a caffeine withdrawal). With that in mind, I have invited another aspiring Coco Chanel aboard.

Or, rather, my best friend shall now be adding her two cents to this blog, as well. I have successfully pressured her into picking up sewing again (she was a precocious child fashionista) and she'll also be gabbing all about pretty clothes and the sewing of them. Her name is Stephanie - she's a writer who loves tea, classic American style, and penny loafers.

Essentially: twice the pretty. Get excited, kittens.


From right to left: Mary, Stephanie, and our friend Sarah (who also sews and, therefore, will no doubt be roped into writing this blog eventually)


  1. Now I can comment! :) Good luck with your blog!!!

  2. Hooray! So glad it's working now, Mia. Thanks again for letting me know!

  3. Hello ladies! You've got at least one more reader now, so very nice to meet you both!

  4. Hi Sabrina! Thanks so much for stopping by - it's so awesome to know that people are reading Idle Fancy. Nice to meet you too!