Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Musings: Spring Palette

I'm on to step two of the Colette Spring Pattern Challenge. This week's task? Pick out which patterns I plan to make and what fabrics to use.

Choosing the patterns was the easiest part for me. I haven't been sewing all that long, so my stack of To-Sew patterns is sizable. Fabric selection was bit more difficult, if only because of the palette constraints. While I love solid color clothes in reality, it's hard for me to say no to really pretty prints. In theory, I know that prints sometimes look ridiculous in garments, but I'm still all to quick to pick a crazy busy floral over a quality solid fabric. In this, I've allowed myself two floral fabrics, then other mostly solid fabrics. Note: I'm counting seersucker as a solid here. The stripes are tiny, after all. (Excuses, excuses, I know!)

Items to sew:
  1. Vogue 8555 - Yellow Dotted Swiss Cotton
  2. Simplicity 2250 - Pink & White Cotton Seersucker (Planning blogged here)
  3. Colette Sencha Blouse - Yellow/Orange Floral Cotton Shirting
  4. Sewaholic Pendrell Blouse - White Dotted Swiss Cotton
  5. Simplicity 2512 - Indigo Stretch Denim
  6. Simplicity 2413 - Blue & White Striped Cotton Voile
Extra Projects:
  1. Colette Chantilly Dress - Blue & White Floral Cotton Shirting
  2. Simplicity 2443 - Coral Pink Ponteroma Knit
With most of my sewing projects, I like to include something new I haven't tried yet. Since I'm still perfecting my skills, I think it's important not to get stuck in a sewing rut. For this challenge, there will be plenty of - well - challenges. Just a list of some firsts from this collection: invisible zippers, knit fabrics, a Colette pattern, ruffle sleeves, shirt buttons, and seam binding. That's a lot of new skills to learn! I can't wait to dive in. :D

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