Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekend Pretty: 2.26.11

Normally, I like to keep my dose of weekend pretty restricted to the non-retail - fashion shows, awards ceremonies, movie premieres, and the like. The stuff of drama and fantasies (for the fashion admirer, anyway). But then Anthropologie went and launched their own wedding line, BHLDN (beholden, if you're like me and the lack of vowels sent you off into a furious rant about needlessly esoteric titles). It's dazzling. The shoes, the gowns - even the bridesmaids dresses, for heaven's sake - are lovely. When I'm 30 and planning my own wedding to a charming British man (whom, right now, will either be a history professor I run into at a bookstore or a professional golfer) BHLDN better still be around, because these dresses set my mind spinning in glorious directions toward flower arrangements and waltzing and living happily ever after.


  1. Gorgeous! I especially like the blue Elopement Pumps. If I were to elope sometime soon, I'd make darn sure I was wearing those shoes!


  2. Garnet, those are my favorite shoes on the whole site. Isn't that blue just wonderful? I'd totally sign up for eloping, if those shoes came with the proposal!