Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekend Pretty: 2.19.11

As you no doubt know, New York Fashion Week was this past week. For the most part, the collections kept the same trends that we've seen over the past few seasons: everything 70's, simple lines, loud prints. And then there was the Ralph Lauren collection, which was like a 1920's Hollywood vision of Shangai. It was, essentially, awesome. Tied with Fall 2010's Louis Vuitton for the title of my favorite modern fashion collection ever, it's most deserving as this weekend's dose of pretty.


  1. That last green dress is stunning! I'm also loving the second dress...the black one with the shoulder cutout. Where would I ever wear something like that though. [sigh] A girl can only dream...

  2. Sabrina, those are my two favorites as well. Don't they just make you want to attend a gala or something? Alas, instead all I have on my agenda is doing laundry and walking my dog. A girl can dream, indeed. :D