Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Fond Farwell (To My Sewing Machine)

Bad news, kittens.

My beloved Brother PS-3700 is no more. As it turns out, it was not so unscathed in the move. It was, in fact, very much scathed. It must have been jostled around a bit too much, despite being in its case, and the motor is absolutely kaput. Which means, I have pattern pieces cut out, I have a muslin sewn together, but now I have no sewing machine. (Okay, that's not exactly true. I do have a Bernina Bernette 46, which was purchased as a travel machine, but it gives me headaches. I swear the needle unthreads every other time I put my fabric through. Drives me crazy. The only dress I've sewn on it took twice the amount of time it normally would, thanks to all the re-threading. It's adorably retro looking, but a total lemon.)

This will not do.

Unfortunately, having the motor replaced is almost half of what I originally payed for the machine. It doesn't seem like a good choice, despite how much I liked my 3700. So, I spent last night looking at other machine options. I've read review upon review of all the different brands and their various models. Since I have to buy a new machine anyway, I would like to upgrade to a computerized version. While I do wish my pockets were flush enough to afford a spiffy high-tech Elna, like my mother's, they are not.

Luckily, Brother has once more come to the rescue. The reviews for the CS6000i are almost universally positive - a great computerized machine with tons of features, but easy-to-use for the beginner sewer. So, the CS6000i it is! It turns out, I'm just as loyal to sewing machine manufacturers, as I am to car makers. I may end up forever driving Volvos and sewing on Brothers.

When it gets here on Thursday, I'm going to pour over the manual, then test it out by finally finishing up my Cynthia Rowley pattern. Thank God. I'm starting to feel ill with guilt, every time I look at the pink seersucker pieces. The poor dress is just dying to be constructed!

Out of curiosity, what machine do you use? Is there any manufacturer that you're particularly loyal to?


  1. That's my machine!!!! (The CS-6000i) I really love it. I haven't quite had it for a year yet, and I'd say I use it a lot (several hours a day for days at a time). Although for full-disclosure's sake it's the only machine I've ever owned or used for prolonged periods of time. In fact, I love my Brother so much that when I bought my printer I decided to go Brother as well, lol. Let me know how you like it!

  2. Sabrina, you just totally made my day. After writing this post yesterday, I actually *did* find some negative reviews (on Pattern Review, where I hadn't even thought to look)- which ended up making me really nervous about my purchase. So, knowing that you have one and love it is a relief!

    I'll definitely keep you posted about how it works out. If it's anything like the PS-3700, though, I'm positive it's going to be awesome!

  3. Hope you enjoy your new sewing machine! I have a Husqvarna Emerald I got it about 6 months ago and love it, i had a very old Jones before.

  4. I'm starting out my sewing adventures on a Singer 2273 Esteem! It's my first sewing machine (from my lovely Mum for Christmas) and I cannot wait to get started.

    Sorry to hear about your sewing machine death but happy to hear you have a fabulous model in your future!

  5. Thanks, Alexandra! It came in the mail yesterday and so far it sews like a dream. I've heard wonderful things about Husqvarnas, especially the Emerald. It sounds like a wonderful machine!

  6. Steph, I am so, so excited for you to start, as well. Knowing you, the clothes you produce are going to be amazing. I will forever be grateful to your mum for buying that Xmas gift! ;-)