Thursday, February 17, 2011

Musings: Colette Sencha

Good news, lovelies. After a few days of zen breathing and yoga poses, the tremors from sewing my Alma Dress have finally stopped. Which means it's time to sew my next piece for the Colette Spring Palette Challenge! This time, I'm going with something easy - the Colette Patterns Sencha blouse. Not only will I not have to worry about a FBA (yay!), but the pattern is even labeled "Beginner." This bodes well for my sanity, don't you think?

In keeping with my palette colors, the fabric I've chosen is a lovely floral shirting from Gorgeous Fabrics. The mix of marigold, coral, and white fits perfectly into my Emma Woodhouse-inspired wardrobe plans. It also fits the profile of one of my clothing addictions - the delicate floral blouse. My closet is embarrassingly full of these shirts, from ruffled to minimalist and all in springy garden fabrics. What's more, the Sencha has a little extra pretty: back buttons. I've settled on jade green ones, so they stand out against the floral. Something tells me I'm going to love this blouse!

As far as Sencha alterations go, there are blessedly few pattern changes I plan to make. I love the neckline pleats of View 2, so no messing around there. The bodice-embedded sleeves also tend to be super flattering, so no sleeve fiddling to worry about either. Honestly, the only thing I'm considering changing is the length. After looking at quite a few reviews, I've noticed that the Sencha can make one look a bit short-waisted. Since I'm above average height anyway, a little extra length is no doubt a good idea.

Wish me luck, friends! If you've sewed a Sencha up before, do you have any advice for a first-timer?

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