Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Greetings Fellow Sew People

Since we're on the topic of sewing machines, I thought it was as good a time as any to introduce myself. Hello, my name is Stephanie and I'm a beginner sewer. I grew up with a sewing machine in the house and I've completed a few projects in my day including a pair of pajamas, a drawstring backpack, an apron for a school play, and a skirt that I sewed for party in college. (Witness incrimiating picture to the right.)

That would be circa 2006 at our Harry Potter Halloween party. I was Fleur Delacour, can you tell?

Let me tell you the joys of making up my own skirt pattern the day of the party when I hadn't touched a sewing machine in at least seven years. It's a good thing I had a top that covered the waist because boy, was it scary. Scary enough that I didn't touch the machine again.

Fast forward to 2010 wherein Mary ventured into the sewing realm and as I do with many things, I followed! The fabulous dresses she made for our writing conference last summer blew me away (read: I wanted to look just as good) and that's when I put a sewing machine on my Christmas list. When Christmas day came around I was shocked and delighted to find a Singer 2273 Esteem II beneath the tree with my name on it! Thank you, thank you to my lovely Mum for that one.

Sadly, there hasn't been too much progress since Christmas. Mary added me as a contributor to this blog and I started pulling inspiration photos for the Colette Spring Pattern Challenge but the actual sewing has been zilch. I suppose finding a pattern and some fabric would be a good start? Until then I'll pour over my Singer instruction manual.

How did you get started with sewing? Do you recall your first project?

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  1. Hooray for posting, Steph! Excellent blog.

    My first project, as you know, was that paisley Simplicity dress. I firmly believe in jumping in with both feet, so no pillowcases or tote bags for this girl. I spent a whole weekend torturing poor Sarah's mum about how to properly gather and dart. My own mother would have strangled me with all of my questions, but Pat was an angel about it all. The cupcakes I gave her in thanks were not enough! The dress turned out great, if not a bit big (this was before I knew about high bust v. actual bust measurements), and kicked off my whole obsession. :D