Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kid In A Candy Store: New Simplicity Patterns!

Have y'all seen the new Simplicity Spring 2011 catalog yet?

When I stumbled across the new collection last night, I felt like Simplicity had read my mind. Most of the Lisette patterns are projects I've expressly longed for in the past - full skirted shirt dresses, retro-inspired silhouettes, and tailored blouses that don't look like something Aunt Mabel would wear. That's not to mention the new Cynthia Rowley pattern which has not one, but three, amazing pieces in one envelope. I have a feeling my Spring Palette Challenge projects may be changing. Here are a few of my favorites:

Simplicity 2209: One of the new Lisette line of patterns, I absolutely adore the little A-line dress in this pattern. Can't you just see it made up in a lovely spring floral? I have a great cotton sateen floral from Gorgeous Fabrics that I might try this in, possibly with a contrasting bodice. The princess seamed jacket is also very cute, though I've never sewn outerwear before. That may be changing with this pattern!

Simplicity 2246: Another adorable Lisette pattern! What I'm lusting after here is View C, the full skirted, puffed sleeve shirt dress. I love, love, love shirt dresses, but have been very nonplussed by the available patterns. I tend to like the retro look of a fuller skirt, but this is the first modern pattern I've seen with that design. I actually have a few other shirt dress patterns which I liked the bodice from, but had planned to change the skirt on. This is a much easier option! Initially, I think I'll make it up in this lovely cotton coral shirting that's been malingering in my stash.

Simplicity 2211: Score another one for Lisette! I absolutely adore the delicate blouse of View E. It's exactly the type of thing I would snap up, if I saw it in a ready-to-wear store. It also would be amazing made up in my newest fabric obsession, the Moda Regent Street Lawn collection. These fabrics are of amazing quality, airy and soft - just perfect for this puff-sleeved jewel of a blouse. I'm also tempted to try out the skirt of View A in a dark denim - it's a bit schoolgirl, but very cute.

Simplicity 2215: When I saw this new Cynthia Rowley pattern, I actually sighed with happiness. Not only is it another adorable full-skirted shirt dress, but also a tailored blouse, and a full skirt with a waistband! These may seem like simple things, but I have been looking for this exact type of skirt in a pattern and haven't found anything exactly right. Until now. I have grand plans to make all three pieces here (View A of the dress) - probably more than once. Even better, the fabric requirements are pretty low, so I can use great fabrics I already have in my stash.

If there are any patterns you're also lusting after from this catalog, you may want to head to your nearest Hancock Fabrics on Monday, if you have one. They're having a nationwide Presidents Day sale, featuring 5 Simplicity patterns for $5. The only thing better than cute new patterns are cute new patterns on sale!


  1. Ruby Satin just posted about these Lisette patterns!
    I agree they are adorable, and the Cynthia Rowley pattern is a must have. I have a gift card to Hancock so I think I'll be making a trip on Monday. :)
    I can't wait to see your finished projects!

  2. I guess great minds think alike!

    Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm definitely interested in reading more on yours!


  3. Isn't the Cynthia Rowley just lovely, Mia? I have a feeling Hancock is going to have quite a lot of takers on their sale next week! It will be so fun to see these patterns all made up, once people start trying them out.

  4. Hi Garnet!

    Great minds, indeed! And great patterns too - it's fun to know I wasn't the only one bowled over by the Lisette line. :D Thanks for visiting!

  5. I like the lisette line too, although I had to look at the line drawings to be sure - I think the fabrics they chose are a bit stiff, like they were all quilting cotton. And I like the Cynthia Rowley dress (but I love all her patterns!) I also liked the new knit dress pattern - it has really cute flutter sleeves!

  6. Hi I stumbled on your blog while I was googling reviews for these patterns I was looking to see if anyone else has sewn from these yet...I made the dress today from the 2209 Lisette and it runs small just a heads up. So that is probably going to be true of the rest of the collection. I bought all the patterns from this collection they are very cute and I have read through all the instructions they look fairly easy as well. The dress I thought went together very nicely. Next time I make it though I will leave a little more seam allowance when I cut it out. ~Heather :)

  7. StitchyWitch, I completely agree about the fabric they chose to make up the patterns with. It reminds me a bit of the Amy Butler patterns - how they're always made up in quilting cottons which, although they have great colors and patterns, have minimal drape.

    The knit dress was also adorable! I'm a sucker for flutter sleeves. I've never sewn knit fabrics before, but I might give it a whirl with that dress.

  8. Hi Heather! I'm so glad you stumbled across the blog. Thanks so much for the heads up about 2209. That's actually the dress I plan on making first, so I'll be sure to also leave a bit of extra seam allowance. You're the first one I've heard of actually sewing one of the patterns, so I really appreciate the advice. I can't wait until they get here next week, so I'll be able to try my hand at them, as well!

  9. Hi there! I've really enjoyed your cute. Anyhow I've made several items using Lisette patterns and for me I found they ran a bit big...with a little too much ease but that could just be my personal prefrence.